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January 01, 2011



Check blogs more often!
Be on time.
Do more of the scrapbooking.
Spend more time with people like you xx


Nobody told me you were back in blogging world!! Good to read about your family antics. I don't make N Y resolutions but I would like to be more active and stop sitting around so much!! Hope you have a good New Year


I intend to do pretty much the same as you. As CZ says Move More, Eat Less. I have spent my Christmas money on sportsgear and new running trainers. I also just ordered an armband for my iPod and have added the Nike+ sports kit to my wishlist (thinking Mothers Day, if I can hold out). Yes I am definitely going to get this bottom (and arms and tummy and legs) into shape. Oh and with the purchase of more digital scrapbooking loveliness with yours and Janine's birthday presents I shall be doing more scrapbooking too!

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