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February 12, 2011



good to see you back, lady!!...great post. It's good to see what is floating about in other people's heads and to realise we all have hopes and dreams waiting to be fulfilled. As for music, give me the oldies every time!!


Woohoo you're back! I'm rather interested in that book 'Water for Elephants', of course nothing whatsoever to do with RP starring in the film. I'll pick up a copy after I've finished reading the Harry Potter books. What issue are you appearing in for Scrapbook Magazine? Tres cool! Oh and I'll remember not to tell the band name, song title and year of any song that might be playing when I next see you, hmm, or maybe I won't!


Agree totally with viewing and listening - gotta love a bit of McFly! Think you're very brave to even be considering a tent with that blooming rain pelting down again tonight! And obviously can NOT wait to see you in Scrapbook magazine :) Whoop whoop!!

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